Keyboard and Mouse Microstutters with a Dell Latitude Notebook

I’ve been having a weird microstuttering issue with my Dell notebook, running Windows 10. The symptoms are input from the keyboard or the mouse hanging for about a half second to a second every 1-2 minutes. When this happens, I am unable to move the mouse.

Rebooting the system did no good, and I found no hints in the event log.

Through trial and error I think I have found a workaround: Disconnect all USB devices, then reconnect them.

My working theory is that the USB drivers scan for new devices, or are discovering a device as new (there’s no popup though). I wonder if this might be a bad or loose USB plug or something similar.

Anyway. If you have a similar issue, try reconnecting all USB devices. And if you have any idea as to the actual root cause… please leave a comment.