Synology Cloudstation Pauses and Does Not Sync

The Problem:

My Cloudstation app stopped working and would not synchronize files anymore. This happened both on Windows, and on Mac.


It seemed like the app was either permanently in a “connecting” state, or pausing itself.

The solution:

It turns out that my Quick Connect became disabled at some point. I am not sure how or why; it had no account associated. I re-added that and enabled Quick Connect on my DiskStation, and Cloudstation started working again. This was especially odd because in the Cloudstation settings on my Diskstation, the status “Healthy” was displayed.

7 thoughts on “Synology Cloudstation Pauses and Does Not Sync”

  1. with having to reboot the router it messed up the ip addresses so would no longer sync. I turned off every device bar my pc and the nas drive and then rebooted the router again – it is now connected on the correct ip

  2. I'm accessing my NAS over SSL from Let's encrypt. It happens frequently that security certificate has been updated.
    To be able to start synchronisation again you have to open the main app, select the synchronisation rule an edit the connection, by using the menu on the top right hand side.
    May reenter your password, and save setting.
    You may will be informed that connection is not save, click proceed.
    Hope this helps.. . '

  3. Thanks. I realise that now. Although my symptoms were the same the fix was different. Router had been rebooted and had assigned new IP addresses to everything including the Synology NAS box. When we updated the NAS box IP address it all worked again

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