OpenVPN Connect doesn’t work at all on iPad Air / new iPad Mini

Yeah this had me puzzled for a while. Basically, I configured the OpenVPN client correctly (I thought so anyway). When I attempted to connect to my server, both the in-App log window and the log of my server remained empty: From what I could tell, OpenVPN didn’t even try!

Well, it turns out that as of early December 2013, OpenVPN Connect does not work on 64bit architecture on an iPad or an iPhone. The developers expect an update in mid-2013 to fix this. So until then there is nothing that we can do about it. Too bad.

Update: Problem has been fixed in current versions of OpenVPN Connect.

One thought on “OpenVPN Connect doesn’t work at all on iPad Air / new iPad Mini”

  1. I have a similar problem. But found if you slide the connect button over to green, then exit the app with th ipad home button, then open the app again. The connect button will move left again but if you slide it to green once more it connects!!. Stupid but it works..

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