Cube Root in OpenOffice doesn’t seem to have any built-in functions for cube roots, but there’s an easy workaround. To find the nth root, use powers to the nth fraction. Probably easier to illustrate than to explain with my rusty math skills. 😉

I mean this:

You need to use the brackets because otherwise the power would take precedence over the division.

3 thoughts on “Cube Root in OpenOffice”

  1. Can anyone help me convert cubic inches to radius or diameter of a sphere?
    For instance if I have 10 troy ounces of gold, how large of a sphere would is shape in to?
    I have found calculators that would tell me how many 1" diameter spheres but not the size of the actual sphere. I'd like to do this in open office with a formula or set of formulas but am at a loss.

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