Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Subversion: Insufficient NODES rows Error

Trying to upgrade an svn repository, I got the the error:

vn: E155016: Insufficient NODES rows for

followed by the path to a file. This can be solved by deleting a certain file type:

Find them:

find . -name dir-prop-revert

To delete them:

find . -name dir-prop-revert -exec rm {} \;

If you'd like to make backups instead:

find . -name dir-prop-revert -exec mv {} {}.backup \;

Now try the upgrade again:

svn upgrade

No more error messages. :)


  1. Thank you, sir. This worked for me.

  2. Didn't work for me, because there were no files named "dir-prop-revert". There were however files with names like *.svn-revert:

    > $ find . -name "*revert"
    > ./homework/.svn/text-base/nrmate-qchar.pdf.svn-revert
    > ./homework/.svn/prop-base/nrmate-qchar.pdf.svn-revert

    I removed those like this:

    > $ find . -name "*revert" -exec rm {} \;

    And then "svn upgrade" worked.

  3. I wonder whether this is due to different versions.

    Either way, thank you for posting updated instructions! Appreciate it.

  4. Thx a lot.Worked without any problems!